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Tuskegee Bronze Airmen Statue
Trevi Factory crafted four bronze airman statues for the Palm Springs Air Museum, showcasing professional...
Marble Trevi Fountain Project of Bulgaria
This is the famous Trevi Fountain we made for a client in Bulgaria. This Trevi Fountain statue is made...
Trevi's 3 Pieces Custom Bronze Goddess Statues Project
This article will introduce Trevi’s project, a group of classic Bronze Goddess Statues——Rendition...
The Minute Man Statue
According to the client’s request, Trevi created this bronze The Minute Man Statue using the traditional...

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TREVI Sculpture

Trevi Statue is located in Quyang County, Hebei Province, which is known as”The Sculpture Hometown of China”. Our factory was founded in 1983, which is specialized in marble sculpture with a great expanding in all fields of Sculpting Business during the past 39 years. Trevi Statue is equipped with modern workshops and created clay model designs. Our factory mainly runs various sculptures, such as custom bronze statues, military statues, bronze monuments, religious statues, fountains, horse statues, bull statues, landscape sculptures, customized garden decoration sculptures, indoor and outdoor decoration sculptures, etc.

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As a factory of Quyang, the famous hometown of sculpture in China, we are always ready to provide you sculptures with better quality and services. Welcome to contact us or visit our factory in the following ways:

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