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We have professional designers and artists of Case,accept any custom Case based on your designs or requirements. factory direct Case price.Case is our passion!Creating artworks to reflect more stories
Bronze Thinker Statue trevi17
Bronze Thinker Statue Project
The Thinker statue is a highly iconic and profoundly meaningful artwork. A client from Australia approached...
Tuskegee Bronze Airmen Statue
Tuskegee Bronze Airmen Statue
Trevi Factory crafted four bronze airman statues for the Palm Springs Air Museum, showcasing professional...
trevi fountain
Marble Trevi Fountain Project of Bulgaria
This is the famous Trevi Fountain we made for a client in Bulgaria. This Trevi Fountain statue is made...
frigga bronze statue
Trevi's 3 Pieces Custom Bronze Goddess Statues Project
This article will introduce Trevi’s project, a group of classic Bronze Goddess Statues——Rendition...
Militia Bronze Statue
The Minute Man Statue
According to the client’s request, Trevi created this bronze The Minute Man Statue using the traditional...
Einstein Statue
Custom Albert Einstein Statue
According to the client's request, Trevi cast a bronze sculpture of Einstein sitting on a bench. The...
mirror stainless steel sculpture
Large Mirror Stainless Steel Sculpture --- Steel Eye Swimming Pool Project
This large mirror stainless steel sculpture --- Eye of the Sky echoes the water in the swimming pool...
Marble Statue of The Three Graces-01-Trevi Sculpture
Trevi's Marble Sculpture Feedback Collection
Marble sculpture is a brilliant creation that cannot be ignored in the history of human art. They exude...
marble fountain
Three Marble Fountains Purchased by An American Client of Trevi
A beautiful marble fountain outdoor could not only play a decorative role, but also beautify the environment...
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