Marble Farnese Hercules Statue Famous Ancient Greek God Art TMS-07

The Hercules Statue carved in the Trevi factory is made of high-quality marble. You can customize the size and color of the Hercules statue.
Item No : TMS-07
Size : H 78" or Customized Size
Price Range : $1,200.00 - $2,900.00
Material : High-quality Marble
Technique : Art-quality Hand Carved, Polished
Custom-made Service : Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery

Custom-Made Service:
We can customize this design in any size and in 5-10 different patina choices
More Info:
1-We supply CIF and door-to-door delivery for this sculpture
2-Leading Time: 10-45days
Attention: To protect our copyright, there are so many designs that we can not displace on this website. Welcome to contact us for full catalogs.

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Marble Farnese Hercules Statue Details

If you ask what marble classic statue can grab attention and showcase great taste, I’d say it’s the marble Farnese Hercules statue. It fits any space, emphasizing a masculine vibe. Our skilled artists, each with over 40 years of carving experience, handcraft this masterpiece.

Marble Farnese Hercules Statue Famous Ancient Greek God Art

More Farnese Hercules Statue Designs

Trevi has a variety of designs for Hercules statues like Farnese Hercules holding scepters or Hercules And The Hydra statue. We also welcome customizations based on customers’ preferences to cater to different needs. Our designs draw inspiration from ancient Greek mythology and present them as unique and finely crafted artworks through skilled hand carving. Our factory provides professional services to ensure each sculpture meets customer expectations.

The Original Farnese Hercules Statue

The marble Farnese Hercules statue is based on an old Greek original crafted by a Roman sculptor. The original statue, known as the resting Hercules of Lysippus, reportedly stunned all who saw it. In 212 AD, Emperor Caracalla constructed the Baths of Caracalla in Rome and commissioned Glykon, a sculptor from Athens, to create two 3.2-meter-tall Hercules statues, one of which is now the Farnese Hercules statue. Discovered in the baths of Caracalla in 1546, this massive statue has inspired countless artists, athletes, and the public, captivated by its powerful masculinity, making it the ultimate ideal for a sporty physique. Art historians call it “Hercules at Rest,” and it has influenced art and sports for over two millennia.

farnese hercules statue

If you see the marble Farnese Hercules statue in person, you’ll be drawn to its beauty. Despite being marble, the statue, in a relaxed state, exudes strength. The seemingly calm body conceals immense power. The muscle carvings are exaggerated, saturating the statue with a sense of strength and voluminous muscles, creating a feeling that powerful energy could burst forth at any moment.

Marble Hercules Statue Carving Sculpture Process

From choosing the stone to making the clay model and hand-carving, Trevi dedicates attention to each step. We aim to satisfy you at every stage.

Marble Hercules Statue Carving Sculpture Process

Exquisite Carving Skills of Trevi

Our skilled design team, with ample experience, meticulously carves this replica of the Farnese Hercules statue. They actively explore various famous statues and artworks, delve into Greek mythology stories, and develop a profound understanding of different statue types. This groundwork enables them to create high-quality marble sculptures.

Marble Farnese Hercules Statue Famous Ancient Greek God Art

Trevi Sculpture Advantage

1. Realistic Details

Our artists painstakingly restore every detail of characters and animals, ensuring each withstands rigorous scrutiny.

2. Top-Quality Marble

We mine and select the finest natural marble from a stone mountain, ensuring high-quality materials for carving.

3. Customization Available

Provide us with a picture, and we can create precisely what you desire.

4. Ready-to-Ship Sculptures

With rich experience, our Trevi factory stocks a diverse range of exquisite classic sculptures available for swift shipment.

About Trevi Factory

Trevi is a top sculpture factory and exporter in Quyang, renowned as the sculpture hub. We specialize in crafting hand-carved stone sculptures, cast bronze sculptures, stainless steel sculptures, cast iron products, and more. Our skilled work group and designers ensure your approval before considering the product complete.


Marble carving in Quyang is an ancient and legendary skill passed down through generations. Growing up, many locals, including Jingwei Han, an exceptional clay model master, developed a deep love for and familiarity with this art, breathing life into it. Foreign clients often visit, especially for Jingwei Han’s expertise.


As a professional sculpture factory, we’ve exported our products to numerous countries over the past 30 years, such as the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Russia, Cyprus, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, etc. Our products enjoy popularity and receive positive feedback every year for their quality and service in these countries.

If you are interested in this marble Hercules statue, please get in touch with us. We also provide other Greek god sculptures. You can definitely choose your favorite sculpture in our factory.

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As a factory of Quyang, the famous hometown of sculpture in China, we are always ready to provide you with better quality and services. Welcome to contact us or visit our company and factory in the following ways

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As a factory of Quyang, the famous hometown of sculpture in China, we are always ready to provide you sculptures with better quality and services. Welcome to contact us or visit our factory in the following ways:

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