Marble Female Greek Sphinx Sculpture Outdoor Garden Decor TMS-08

This high quality marble Sphinx Sculpture is made by Trevi Art Sculpture Factory, hand carved by our top artists. It is sure to be the perfect addition to your outdoor space.
Item No : TMS-08
Size : Customized Size You Want
Price Range : $1580.00-$4,900.00
Material : Neture Marble
Technique : Hand-Carving
Custom-made Service : Color, Style, Size

Custom-Made Service:
We can customize this design in any size and in 5-10 different patina choices
More Info:
1-We supply CIF and door-to-door delivery for this sculpture
2-Leading Time: 10-45days
Attention: To protect our copyright, there are so many designs that we can not displace on this website. Welcome to contact us for full catalogs.

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Marble Sphinx Sculpture Description

The replicated White Marble Sphinx Sculpture from the Trevi sculpture factory is a majestic work of art. Crafted with precision and reverence for the original design, this sculpture captures the beauty and mystique of the ancient Egyptian Sphinx.

Marble Sphinx Sculpture Description

Carved from high-quality white marble, it exudes an air of sophistication and elegance. The detailed craftsmanship and intricate features of the Sphinx’s body and face make it a true masterpiece.

Marble Female Greek Sphinx Sculpture

This sculpture serves as a testament to the exceptional skills of Trevi’s artisans and their dedication to preserving the essence of historical art. It is a captivating piece that adds a touch of classical grandeur to any environment, making it a remarkable addition to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Marble Female Greek Sphinx Sculpture

The History of the Ancient Egyptian Sphinx Statue

The ancient Egyptian Sphinx sculpture has a rich and storied history dating back to around 2500 BC. It originated in ancient Egypt during the Old Kingdom period. The Sphinx is a mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head of a pharaoh, often believed to represent the Pharaoh Khafre.

The History of the Ancient Egyptian Sphinx Statue

These sculptures were typically placed near pyramids and served as guardians, symbolizing strength and wisdom. The Great Sphinx of Giza, one of the most famous examples, is an iconic representation of this form of art. Carved from a single massive block of limestone, it stands as a symbol of the Egyptian civilization’s grandeur and cultural significance.

The History of the Ancient Egyptian Sphinx Statue

Throughout history, the Sphinx has remained an enduring symbol of Egypt and a testament to the artistic and engineering achievements of the ancient Egyptians. It continues to captivate people worldwide with its enigmatic charm and historical significance.

Marble Female Greek Sphinx Sculpture

More Marble Sphinx Sculpture Options

As for the current season, it must be a good season to decorate your house or home garden. It is sure to be the perfect addition to your outdoor space. Our sculptures are made of high-quality white marble material. High-quality materials ensure that the sculpture is very realistic and vivid.

More Marble Sphinx Sculpture Options

More Marble Sphinx Sculpture Options

The Advantages of Trevi Art Sculpture

Trevi Art Sculpture is one of the Leading manufacturers and exporters, which has specialized in sculpture productions for over 40 years. Our factory boasts some of the industry’s finest talents who approach marble carving with great dedication and reverence. Located in Quyang, the birthplace of sculpture. Our artists have been studying the art of marble carving since their childhood. The art of sculpting and the spirit of workmanship runs deep in their veins. Also, Trevi provides customized service, we would design the Greek sphinx sculpture according to your requirements.

Excellent Feedback from Our Customer

This customer approached our factory with a vision of adding a marble sphinx sculpture to their yard, placing great trust in Trevi factory’s capabilities for marble sculpture production. Through effective communication and collaborative design efforts with the customer, we were able to bring their envisioned marble Greek Sphinx sculpture to life. The end result exceeded the customer’s expectations, leaving them highly satisfied with the final product.

Marble Sphinx Sculpture feedback

So if you are looking for a beautiful marble Sphinx sculpture or other Greek marble figure sculpture, we would make your dream come true. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

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As a factory of Quyang, the famous hometown of sculpture in China, we are always ready to provide you sculptures with better quality and services. Welcome to contact us or visit our factory in the following ways:

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