Popular Outdoor Metal Palm Tree Sculpture Art Design TSST-02

Such an exquisite piece of metal palm tree sculpture would create a comfortable and romantic living atmosphere for you together with the spring trees. Trevi has high-quality stainless steel raw materials and professional artists to serve you.
Item No : TSST-02
Size : Customized Size You Want
Price Range : $1000-$3000
Material : 304/316 Stainless Steel
Technique : casting, Polishing
Custom-made Service : Color, Style, Size
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Spring is coming, are you looking forward to a vibrant life?

A metal palm tree sculpture would decorate your garden or villa with a different image from the newly sprouted trees. Its silver-white appearance is still eye-catching among the red flowers and green leaves.

metal palm tree sculpture-02-Trevi Statue

The realistic and well-designed shape gives people a feeling of being on the beach and feeling the enthusiasm of the hot summer. Buy a stainless steel palm tree, and create momentum for the enthusiastic summer ahead!

Great Decorative Value:

Stainless steel palm trees could greatly decorate our life with their unique shape. Streets, courtyards, parks, cafes, communities… you could install such a palm tree sculpture in any place that you think is not perfect. It would self-consistently integrate into the place where people live and become a “catalyst” for people to create a good mood.

stainless steel palm trees-01-Trevi Statue

stainless steel palm trees-02-Trevi Statue

Metal Palm Trees for Pool Area  

If you live by the sea and your house is surrounded by many rivers or seas, then a life size metal palm tree would be very suitable. After all, the two of them are like natural partners. Just imagine, the passionate seaside life seems to have already begun! So the metal palm trees for pool area are necessary and beautiful!

metal palm tree sculpture-01-Trevi Statue

metal palm trees for pool area-02

Our outdoor palm tree sculptures will bring you the excitement and enjoyment of a sober summer. For hotels and tourist spots, our palm tree sculptures are great selling points to attract tourists. Moreover, your own private villa is also very suitable for matching an outdoor metal tree sculpture. It would make you feel the enthusiasm and romance of the seaside at home.

The cool swimming pool water and the palm trees that represent coolness would bring you a refreshing feeling!

metal palm trees for pool area-01

metal palm trees for pool areametal palm trees for pool area

High-Quality Stainless Steel Raw Materials:

The silver stainless steel palm tree used as decoration must use the best stainless steel material. Only in this way could the humid environment of the seaside not make it rust, which would affect its appearance.

Trevi would choose the most suitable 304 or 316 stainless steel according to the needs of customers and the installation site. We could guarantee both the beauty and quality of outdoor sculptures. Therefore, you could trust us completely!

metal palm tree sculpture

outdoor metal tree sculpture for sale

Lighting Decoration:

In fact, stainless steel palm trees could also be used as street lights. Its tall shape is like a pillar of a street lamp, and some lighting devices such as lanterns and solar panels could be added to it. When night comes, people are drinking tea and chatting under the beautiful lights, enjoying the night view, which also has a special flavor.

metal palm trees for pool area-03-Trevi Statue

metal palm tree sculpture lighting

metal palm treesmetal palm trees

metal palm trees for pool area have always been a popular outdoor decoration. Trevi has the latest and most popular outdoor stainless steel tree sculptures. You could go to our homepage or contact us to view more styles of metal tree sculptures.


Besides, we also support customization. A professional design team could design C4D for you so that you could feel the decorative effect of the sculpture more realistically.

If you like outdoor stainless steel palm tree sculpture, please contact us. You could also share it with your friends to enjoy the beautiful artwork together.

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As a factory of Quyang, the famous hometown of sculpture in China, we are always ready to provide you sculptures with better quality and services. Welcome to contact us or visit our factory in the following ways:

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